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EL-700 / 800 / 700Q

with Quick Setup Device

Pressure beam type Roller type





●  Optional for Model No. EL-700/800/700Q:
●  Aux. side pressure roller system for narrow piece.
●  Infeed & outfeed roller table system. (Std. HPL table)
●  Releasing agent spray system, installed before pre-mill system.
●  IR pre-heat system, installed before glue pot system.
●  Vortex cooling system, installed before end trimming unit.
●  Cleaning agent spay system, installed before buffing unit.
●  Buffing unit, 4 motors. (Std. 2 motors)
●  Pressure beam, motorize elevation. (Std. Manual adjustment)
●  Chamfer & scraper, remote 0.1mm backward adjustment.
●  Quick change system for glue pot.


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